Midlife Evolving U Adventure

Are you caught in the rut of actually being right but at the same time not having the life you really want and like? And time seems precious, so you are caught in a catch-22 of needing to do something about your life, but afraid of doing the wrong thing and waste time & money. Midlife Evolving U Adventures supports your transformation.


Midlife Evolving U Adventures


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P. Ola Jannhov, born in Sweden, based in Berlin

P. Ola Jannhov

DJ * Energy Healing Wizard * Speaker

I´m a DJ, Energy Healer and Speaker. The underlying theme of my life seem to be a spiritual path with transpersonal evolution.

Logo Delight
To delight transitions means that I delightfully support in times of evolution and transformation, to make your changeovers joyous, light and easy. Accordingly, as I evolved as a DJ, my specialty became transitional events; one time events like weddings, the birthdays with a "0" and for companies, events like new openings and major anniversaries (and not so much the yearly occurring xmas parties).
Thereby I make you Move with Joy to Liberate. Liberation at a party simply means to be free and have an awesomely great time. Liberation in the healing work and in the spiritual contexts hints at a further-reaching freedom, doesn't it?
I delight Your transitions & Move with Joy to Liberate together form my credo and this is what you can expect, as the core content of any of my work.